On 15 March 2017 the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus Petr Miklashevich presented passports to young people

The Constitutional Court together with the Belarusian Republican Youth Union held All-Belarusian patriotic campaign “We Are the Citizens of Belarus” timed to the Constitution Day. During this event the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Petr Miklashevich solemnly presented passports of the Republic of Belarus to 14-year-old young citizens - schoolchildren with high academic, sport and social life achievements.

When addressing to the audience Petr Miklashevich noted that receiving a passport, on the one hand, implies protection and responsibility of the state for the exercise of the individual's rights, and, on the other hand, the need for individual’s active participation and worthy contribution to the development of our republic. The Chairman of the Constitutional Court drew attention to the understanding by young citizens of the fact that along with the rights and freedoms they begin to exercise, it is required to perform responsibly the constitutional duties. This implies due behavior of every individual in the public interest.

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