On 14 March 2019 the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus adopted the Message to the President of the Republic of Belarus and the Houses of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus “On Constitutional Legality in the Republic of Belarus in 2018”



25 years of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus

The Constitution of the Republic of Belarus is a legal foundation and a guideline for strengthening the sovereign Belarusian statehood, democratic and socio-economic transformations, a fundamental factor for sustainable development.

Over the past 25 years, on the basis of the Constitution, social and political stability has been ensured in the Republic of Belarus, civil consensus and social unity have been achieved, society and the state have developed in an evolutionary and progressive way.

The legal system, formed on constitutional principles and rules, have been purposefully improved to create effective legal mechanisms for the exercise of rights and freedoms, protection of the constitutional values, and ensuring the rule of law.

The Belarusian model of the state for people, in the center of which is the human right to a dignified and safe life, has been built on a constitutional basis, taking into account both national traditions and mentality and the modern realities of the international legal order.

The Constitutional Court, exercising the powers to review the constitutionality of normative legal acts, by its activity ensures the supremacy and direct effect of the Constitution, protects the constitutional order, constitutional rights and freedoms of individuals.